VSETT 8+ e-Scooter (48V 16AHGLG)
VSETT 8+ e-Scooter (48V 16AHGLG)
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VSETT 8+ e-Scooter (48V 16AHGLG)

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The Vsett 8+ are our most compact and lightweight e-scooters. The classic Vsett functions and characteristics are prevalent on the 8+, just in a more compact format! It?s the best choice for moving and commuting around big and crowded cities. The maximum weight of this model is 24kg.

The Vsett 8+ are lightweight but still strong and durable, we use an ultra-strong Aviation aluminum forging alloy, ref: 6082-T6 to manufacture it.

Moreover, we believe it is one of the most beautiful electric scooters on the market. Our designers have developed a sober but stylish design, which makes this e-scooter perfectly suited for the urban environment.

Vsett 8+ (Double engines)
For better accelerations, we recommend to choose the 8+. This model is equipped with two Brushless Direct Drive motors of 600W each (nominal), powered by a 48V battery composed of high-quality LG cells.

The Vsett 8+ has a high torque and thus can easily, swiftly reach a max speed of 45 km/h on ranges up to 70 km.

Ultra efficient suspensions
Our Spring-R suspensions technology is, we believe, the most advanced on the market of electric scooters nowadays.

On both sides of the electric scooter, we combined a spring suspension component with the traditional swinging arms to optimise the shocks absorption capacity.

Driving Vsett 8+ feel like floating on a boat, you will most certainly love it!

Your security is very important to us, which is why we worked seriously on the braking system. The Vsett 8 and 8+ are equipped with efficient drum brakes (Front and rear for Vsett 8+) assisted by our patented electric ABS.

Light signals
Driving the night without light signals is dangerous.

Our e-scooters have LED lights on the front in addition to stop and warning lights on the rear, in order to make the rider more visible and safer during the dusk.

Also, the Vsett 8+ are equipped with easy to use turning signals on the front and the rear. In order to activate the turning signals, the driver just needs to push a button equipped on the right and left handles. We believe it is the most intuitive system possible.

Nobody should be able to use your Vsett without your approval ! Exclusive to Vsett electric scooters, our models are equipped with a NFC anti-theft key lock system.

Smartly engineered and completely Foldable
The Vsett 8+ are definitely your excellent transportation choice. The handle bars and the stem can be folded completely, which makes this e-scooter easy to carry around and even easier to bank.

Of course, this fact does not change that it?s one of the most robust electric scooters ever!