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Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Pro

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Viomi Smart Robot Vacuum V2 Pro

Sweeping, mopping and smart planning, an all-purpose robot vacuum cleaner

360? Laser Technology to Scan the Layout of the Entire House

LDS radar rangefinder for 360? scanning; building of the map of your home in real-time through SLAM algorithm; viewing routes and area division on your mobile phone; more accurate positioning.

Smart Planning of Cleaning Routes Do Not Miss Any Corner; Make Cleaning More Effective

Effective zigzag route for each area division based on accurate laser positioning and algorithm; do not miss any corner; make cleaning more effective.

Strong Suction to Take Away Large Grains Great Experience with Bare Feet on the Floor

Adopt made-in-Japan NIDEC brush-less motor; 3-step suction mode with maximum 2150Pa suction power to take dust, debris, rice, soybean and steel ball away.

Targeted Sweeping for Stained Area

Choose a particular area or click a targeted spot on the map in APP; set restricted area for cleaning, no need to buy a magnetic stripe or virtual navigation wall.

Resume To Where It Left after Recharging

Automatic return to the charger when power is low; return to the last unfinished location for sweeping after recharging.

Additional 560ml Large Water Tank

No need for refilling, even for 3-bedroom & 2-hall house; upgraded 560ml large volume water tank, no need for refilling even for big houses.

Featuring Electric Water Tank Control

Accurate water seepage in 3 levels, choosing suitable options based on demand; upgrade intelligent components for induction water seepage to effectively prevent stop or over-seepage.

Complimentary Half-wet & Full-wet Dual Mops Replacing as Needed

Two different mops as a gift for replacement as needed; strong water absorption high-density fibre mop;

Upgrade Wheels Easily Climbing over 2cm Obstacles

Upgraded big-diameter wheel for crossing hurdles up to 2cm, whether cable, carpet or step. Super capacity to crossing obstacles for thorough cleaning.