Trotter MAG Wheel MX 700 Black & Black
Trotter MAG Wheel MX 700 Black & Black
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Trotter MAG Wheel MX 700 Black & Black

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The?Trotter MAGWheel?is a revolutionary e-board that gives you the feeling of surfing on the road. Made from the best engineering and technology, it delivers fast, fun electric mobility. you'll get the sensation of floating across all terrains and the ability to carve corners effortlessly.

The ultimate onewheel freedom

With a few minutes of practice, Trotter onewheel Lean-N-Go technology and magnetic gyroscope control will enable you to get around the city or adventure off-road. Its intuitive design delivers forward and backwards movement, acceleration and deceleration, and braking C no hand-held remotes required!

Your safety first

The Trotter MAGWheel has been designed with your safety in mind. This e-board comes with safety sensors for side-tilt protection, speed limit protection and more. Dynamic front and rear LED lights turn red automatically when you change direction and provide visibility at night.

CThe motor stops rotating when the trotter onewheel tilts more than 45 degrees on either side.

CWhen your speed exceeds 15km/hr, the front end of the trotter rises to prevent further acceleration.

CThe board alerts you with a beeping sound when your speed exceeds the permitted speed limit.

Fun for all seasons and all terrains

Whether you want to ride your MAGWheel in winter or summer, It's suitable for all seasons. you'll gain the ultimate balance, control, strength and fitness from your rides C there are no limits! Take your MAGWheel to the city streets, sidewalks, grassy areas, the beach and off-road terrains.

Peak engineering

The Trotter MAGWheel has been inspired by snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and watersports. It uses a smart combination of motion sensors, a powerful electric motor, gyroscope, hardware and robust battery technology.