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Tractive GPS Dog 4

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GPS Tracker for Dogs

?Meet our latest GPS tracker for dogs - a dog tracker with even better accuracy and battery life. It combines the latest network technology with our most popular features for even more peace of mind. And with unlimited range, it lets you see your dog's location and activity levels almost everywhere in the world.

  • Worldwide location tracking & activity monitoring
  • LIVE mode - location updates every 2-3 seconds
  • Get notified if your dog wanders a bit too far from home
  • Enjoy the best tracking experience with the latest network technology
  • Get wet! 100% waterproof and adventure-proof
  • Up to 7 days battery life
Even more peace of mind
Live GPS Tracking

Looking for reassurance? Go into LIVE mode and you?ll get updates every 2-3 seconds.

Virtual Fence

Know the moment your doggo leaves - or gets back into - an area you've marked as safe. For example, your garden. Or the neighbourhood.

Keep your dog active and healthy
Activity Monitoring

Check in on your dog's fitness and activity levels. See how they compare with similar dogs. And set four-legged activity goals. Ready to start?

Location History & Heatmap

See where your dog's been, and find out your furry friend's favourite places to hang out.

Dog friendly design
Comfortable & Flexible

Securely fits dog collars and harnesses up to 2.8 cm (1 in) wide.

Light & Sound

Find your GPS tracker in case you drop it somewhere where it?s hard to see, like a forest.

Dog-safe Power button

There?s no risk of your dog accidentally turning the power on or off.

One subscription. No. Limits.

Your tracker works a bit like your phone. It?s got its own SIM card and can connect to networks worldwide. And thanks to a subscription that covers all mobile fees,?you get to enjoy 24/7 coverage in over 150 countries. At no extra cost.

*Requires a subscription starting from AUD$6.92/month