Pure Advance + Electric Scooter - Mercury Grey
Pure Advance + Electric Scooter - Mercury Grey
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Pure Advance + Electric Scooter - Mercury Grey

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Turn away from convention.

Re-designed from the ground up, this fundamentally different riding position spreads your weight evenly on either side of the chassis – for unrivalled stability, greater control and advanced safety.

Designed to fit into your life.

You can store your Pure Advance+ e-scooter neatly against walls or in tight spaces. The slimline folding design is 70% narrower than a standard e-scooter.

Class-leading safety features, as standard.

Pure Electric believes in raising standards for rider safety. That’s why their e-scooters are packed with class-leading safety features that keep you steady – including an improved 4x brighter front light, rear lights, handlebar indicators, patent-pending Active Steering Stabilisation and a highly-reliable dual-braking system.

  • Up to 50km maximum range.
  • Folding handlebars, stem and footpads create a slimline folded package.
  • Folded dimensions (H x W x L): 54 x 15 x 104cm
  • Unfolded dimension (H x W x L): 108 x 60 x 104cm
  • Powerful 710W (peak) motor for easy hill climbing.
  • Forward-facing riding position for a more stable, balanced and comfortable ride. 
  • Puncture-resistant, tubeless air-filled tyres. Large 10” size for safe, comfortable riding over bumps. 
  • Patent-pending Active Steering Stabilisation for a smooth, controlled ride – no jittery handlebars. 
  • IP65 waterproof – suitable for riding in rain and through puddles. 
  • Front handlebar indicators and rear footpad indicators so you can be seen from all angles. 
  • Bright front light and combined rear brake and running light. 
  • Reliable, low maintenance dual braking system: front drum brake and rear e-brake. 
  • Weight 16kg.
  • Connects to Pure Electric app.
  • Tyre pump included in box.