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PGYTECH Circular Polarizer Filter for DJI Air 2S (Professional)

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Enhance the color and reduce reflections in your aerial footage with the Circular Polarizer Filter for DJI Air 2S from PGYTECH. The German SCHOTT optical glass the CPL filter is crafted from has been ground and polished multiple times to deliver hi-def image and video capture, as well as achieving a low refractive index that results in more accurate color reproduction. An antireflection coating makes this filter ideal for use out in the sun and around glass buildings, snow, or water. It reduces reflections while increasing color saturation and contrast.

Lightweight Construction

  • Made from corrosion-proof CNC aviation aluminum, this filter is designed to be lightweight, so it does not negatively affect the gimbal or drone's balance in flight.
  • Additional Features
  • Double-sided and multilayered waterproof, oil-resistant, and anti-scratch coatings
  • Reduces light from entering the camera by one stop
  • Rotate the filter to change the polarizing effect
  • Quick release