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Olympus LS-P5 Linear PCM Audio Recorder (Black)

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Designed to offer faithful and versatile audio recording and playback functions in a highly compact form factor, the?Olympus LS-P5 Linear PCM Recorder?is a three-mic, Bluetooth-enabled handheld recorder with sophisticated onboard controls, advanced automatic functions, and the ability to capture long recording sessions with high-quality audio in a wide range of applications. At only 2.8 oz and capable of running for days on just two AAA batteries (depending on settings), the LS-P5 is powerful enough to tackle many demanding or niche scenarios while remaining easy to transport, hold, and mount.

The LS-P5 supports lossless recording in WAV or FLAC formats up to 96 kHz / 24-bit resolutions, and MP3 up to 320 kb/s. Wireless Bluetooth functionality allows for a wide range of enhanced features including remote control, monitoring, configuration, and editing, all from your Android or iOS smartphone, as well as streaming to Bluetooth-enabled headphones and speakers. Intelligent auto-adjustments, including seven preset scenes, let you capture optimal audio with minimal input, while powerful editing and playback functions let you prepare and adjust your recordings without even touching a computer.

TRESMIC II Microphone System

The LS-P5 is equipped with three (rather than the more common two) large, high-performance directional microphones. With 21 levels of directivity available, these three mics provide an enormous range of flexibility, as well as high-quality sound across a wide range of frequencies from low to high.

  • Three quality microphones with 21 levels of directivity for versatile stereo or mono audio recording
  • 125 dB SPL for distortion-free recording of extremely loud sound sources
  • Zoom function for capturing far away sounds
  • Low self-noise enables quiet recordings
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity including intelligent auto-adjust mode
  • 3.5mm line/mic input for connecting external microphones or line-level sources, such as mixers or mobile devices
Compact Linear PCM Recorder

Despite its large microphones, the LS-P5 sports a compact design weighing only 2.8 oz (including batteries). Ideal for business applications, this versatile high-performance linear PCM audio recorder can even be attached to a tripod or camera via its convenient tripod mount socket.

  • Up to 96 kHz / 24-bit, linear PCM recording?three times the data on a CD
  • WAV/PCM, MP3, and lossless FLAC file formats
  • Built-in limiter feature and manual level control
  • Peak display on LCD screen for monitoring and fine tuning your levels
  • Lightweight and runs on only two AA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable)
  • 16GB of internal memory for recording, microSDXC slot for up to 2TB of storage
Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity

Optimized for a modern workflow, the LS-P5 comes equipped with sophisticated and versatile wireless Bluetooth functionality. Monitor, control, configure, and record entirely remotely, using Android or iOS smartphones and the convenient Bluetooth DVR.Remote app. You can even connect to BT enabled earphones and speakers.

  • Fully remote controllable via smartphone app, including remote playback to wireless speaker
  • Visually monitor recording status including levels, elapsed time, remaining memory, and battery level
  • Remotely configure all recording settings, including mic directionality
  • Index important parts or sections you want to review during playback
  • Edit folder and file names
  • Wirelessly stream audio to Bluetooth headphones and speakers
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0 BLE with A2DP and AVRCP codec support
  • Functional range of up to 32'
Audio Recording Features

Various recording functions are provided, including a function that makes it easy to make optimal settings simply by selecting the scene. Along with convenient recording settings, noise cancellation, and intelligent automatic adjustments, the LS-P5 is optimized to handle a wide range of recording scenarios.

  • Seven optimized scenes including: Lecture, Conference, Meeting, Dictation, Noise Situation, DNS, and Music
  • Bright sound function for elevates mid to mid-high range for clearing up human voice recordings during conferences, lectures, or meetings
  • SMART mode for automatic level adjustment by recording a rehearsal and monitoring the situation
  • Pre-recording function starts recording two seconds before you hit the button, avoiding control lag
  • Intelligent Auto Mode lowers recording level for loud sounds and raises it for quiet ones
  • 2-Mic Noise Cancellation auto-suppresses ambient noise by sampling level differences
  • Slate tone reference signal generator for easier video sound recording and syncing
  • Test tone generator helps set ideal recording levels for compact video cameras
  • Combine audio recordings using overdub?function
Playback and Editing Functions

The LS-P5 has a wide range of playback functions including voice balancer and noise cancellation for easier listening and editing functions that can be performed without a computer.

  • The voice balancer function automatically makes smaller voices louder when voices are at different levels due to distance to the recorder
  • Voice filter reduces prominent noise produced by amplifying small sounds, enhancing vocal clarity
  • Normalized playback for easier listening without distortion
  • Noise cancellation reduces unwanted ambient noise such as air-conditioner noise or fan sounds
  • Voice playback function intelligently skips over parts of recording without voices present, useful for transcription
  • Divide files directly on recorder for managing very long recordings
  • Trimming for adjusting start and end of recording or removing unwanted space
  • Calendar search for finding recordings quickly
  • Custom recording folder names for efficient organization of files
  • Fade-in / fade-out function for smooth transitions between tracks