Neschen Gudy Dotspenser
Neschen Gudy Dotspenser
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Neschen Gudy Dotspenser

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This Neschen Gudy Dotspenser lays out a ribbon of acid-free adhesive dots that can be used to join paper or other smooth surfaces. Adhesive is strong enough to function as permanent, but can removed with a swipe of the finger - without leaving a mark! Easily adhere, then lift and reposition items without damage when you cana™t make up your mind! No need to re-apply adhesives after repositioning. No drying time, no mess! The adhesive will not dry out or become brittle with age. Handy and so simple!

The revolutionary Dotspenser lays out a ribbon of acid-free adhesive dots that you can use to join paper or other smooth surfaces. The small dots make it easy to apply adhesive to varoius shapes.
The adhesive has been specially designed to be used for both permanent and removable applications. It can be removed with the swipe of a the finger - without leaving a mark.
Easily reposition items with no need to re-apply adhesives, no drying time and no mess!

Perfect for:

  • scrapbooks
  • photo albums
  • temorary signage
  • school projects
  • gift wrapping
  • framing
  • and much, much more...

This permanent, transparent acrylic adhesive is acid free and age resistant. Due to the carrier-free easy dot transfer technology the application allows an easy bonding of the material. Through the dot application, for example, photos or prints may be at any time removed and replaced despite the permanent adhesive. The glue dots can then be easily rubbed off with your finger. Mounting film for photos, inkjet- and digital prints on several surfaces.?

15m x 8mm - removable

Printshop / Artwork / Advertising / Graphic industry

  • Flexible mounting of prints, photos and other media
  • Attach roll ends or beginnings of print rolls
  • Mount artwork or art prints - also in frames or on slip mounts
  • Assemble advertising mail

Libraries / Retail / Office

  • Quick mounting of posters or leaflets
  • Simple and safe sticking of photos or ads
  • Mount announcements or other information without residue
  • Mount promotional gifts or product samples onto your mailings

Household / Home

  • Stick photos in albums
  • Fix photos or pictures into frames
  • Hang posters
  • Use for collages, art and handicraft