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GoPro EL Grande Extension Pole

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Gopro El Grande Extension Pole

With the GoPro El Grande extension pole you you can take your GoPro to new unimaginable heights. Easily mount your GoPro to the end of the extension pole, extend the El Grande to its maximum length using the simple twist-lock system and your GoPro will be sky-high, ready to to capture all of the action from a fresh new perspective. The beauty of the El Grande is that this excellence does not come at the cost of portability - you can close this extension pole down to just 38cm when it is not in use.

The GoPro El Grande Extension pole can be handled comfortably, with thanks to the premium oversized hand grip that allows you to utilise both your hands. Sitting on top of the pole is an integrated ball and socket head, which can be adjusted and swivelled 360 degrees until you find your ideal angle of view.