GOAL ZERO Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank
GOAL ZERO Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank
GOAL ZERO Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank
GOAL ZERO Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank
GOAL ZERO Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank
GOAL ZERO Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank
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GOAL ZERO Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank

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Keep your laptop, phone, tablet, camera, GPS, and other useful electronics fully charged and ready for use when you're off the grid with the Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD Power Bank. This updated version of their venerable power pack features a high-capacity fast-charging USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port to get gear like the latest iPhone, MacBook, or Android devices powered up in less time. For more conventional gear like a fitness tracker or GPS unit that uses a proprietary charging cable the Sherpa also has two conventional 5 VDC USB-A ports. For even greater charging versatility the top of the power bank is also a wireless Qi charging pad.

Charge the Sherpa's internal Li-ion NMC battery from your house power, a USB-C PD source, or even a compatible solar panel. Goal Zero designed it with a slim form factor that's easy to pack and carry so it can go with you on all your adventures, from deep into the back country for an extended expedition or simply taking the family out in the city for the day.

Charge Devices

  • Charge an action camera 18 times, smartphone 8 times, tablet 4 times, USB-C laptop twice
  • Wireless Qi pad charges compatible smartphones without the need for cables
  • One USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port charges devices like newer models of iPhones, MacBooks, and Android devices; capable of variable output, depending on the device plugged in for charging, from 5V up to 20V at 3A
  • Two standard 2.4A USB ports are useful for devices with proprietary charging cables such as fitness trackers, GPS devices, and phones using USB Micro, Mini, Type B, and Apple Lightning


  • Charge the Sherpa 100PD battery from multiple sources
  • Use compatible solar panels: GZ Nomad 14 charges battery in 14-28 hours, GZ Nomad 28 in 7-14 hours
  • 2.4A USB-A connection charges it in 9 hours
  • USB-C PD source at 60W charges it in 2.5 hours
  • Standard 110 VAC wall outlet charges it in 3 hours


  • Easy-to-read battery level indicator
  • Li-ion NMC cell chemistry
  • 25600mAh at 3.7V capacity
  • Long shelf life, requiring recharging ever 3-6 months in storage
  • Built-in charging and low battery protection circuitry
  • 32 to 104F operating temperature