GOAL ZERO Light A Life Mini USB Light
GOAL ZERO Light A Life Mini USB Light
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GOAL ZERO Light A Life Mini USB Light

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Whether used as a lantern for soft light in your tent or as an area light for nighttime cooking and other camp tasks, the Light-A-Life Mini USB Light v2 from Goal Zero is a lightweight, portable means to illuminate your outdoor experience. This 110-lumen LED weighs just 2.4 oz and comes with a carabiner so you can hang it where you need it. With the frosted shade in place, it casts a diffused light; lower the shade for brighter light as needed. The 1.9-watt light can be chained in sequence with up to three more Light-A-Life lights for a complete lighting system. It plugs into any USB port.

Runtimes with Goal Zero Chargers

  • Switch 10: high 5.5 hours, low 20+ hours
  • Flip 20: high 11.5 hours, low 40+ hours
  • Venture 30: high 17.5 hours, low 70+ hours
  • Sherpa 50: high 34 hours, low 100+ hours