FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)
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FONZ Arthur 1 (Build your own)

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Arthur has a smooth and silent powertrain that increases road awareness. A low centre of gravity, 12 inch wheels for greater stability and CBS to improve handling in all conditions. The high illumination headlamp with integrated LED day light, LED turn signals and tail light ensure maximum visibility on the road.


Arthurs CBS reduces braking distance and potential skid. When pressure is applied to a single front or rear brake lever, the brake system will balance force distribution in compression for a safer ride.

Light & Sight

Arthurs standard equipment includes powerful LED headlights for low- and high-beam. LED daytime running lights and LED rear lights create greater night visibility and greater energy efficiency.



Fonzarelli powertrains are tailored to you, for you, so you can seize every moment. Adapt your Arthur to your lifestyle and enjoy the freedom to roam!


Dual Regeneration means maximum efficiency for your bike. Regenerative braking returns energy from the electric motor back to your Powerpack, reducing wear on hydraulic brake system.

Arthur +

Amp up your performance with Arthur+. Increase your maximum speed by up to 10 KM/H and enjoy the ride.

Available on Model 2 and Model 3



Recharge has just got easier. Charge from inside your home, at the office, or from a bike-to-wall socket in the garage with Arthurs portable powerpacks.

Power up

All Powerpacks can be charged directly from a wallsocket to the bike without removing the Powerpack from under the saddle.

Arthur 1 and Arthur 2 lightweight Powerpacks can be quickly and easily removed to charge anywhere, anytime.

And go!

The Fonz Regenerative Braking supplies kinetic energy back to your Powerpack to increase range. This means your Arthur can take you further.



Arthur comfortably seats a pillion passenger and optional top case for added storage. Plus, charge your devices on the go with USB connectivity. Select your matte satin finish from a range of five colour sand trims, from leather saddle to premium vegan options.


Crystal clear LCD speedometer display, paint match or contrast wing mirrors and Aluminium trim grips. With a 12V USB connectivity in lockable front console, you''ll always be fully charged.

Rider Assist

Arthur features cruise control with regenerative braking function to give you greater control on the road.

Personalise your Arthur, from enhanced performance and power upgrades, to bespoke styling.


Arthur 1

Arthur Model 1 is the ultimate inner city ride, and in many states of Australia, all you need is your driver''s licence.

Please see your local state rules.

Top speed 50km/h
Single speed. Classified as a Moped category vehicle, state laws require Mopeds be limited to 50 km/h

Range 50km
Everyday riding range. Range depends on various factors, in particular individual riding style, route characteristics and temperature

Charging Portable
Compact & Portable 1.68kWh PowerPack can be easily removed to charge indoors by standard 240V household outlet. It weighs 10kg

Hydraulic disk brakes, front + rear

LCD dashboard, LED headlamp, Reverse mode, carbon steel structural frame, under saddle storage, quick storage components, 12 inch wheels

Matte Black, Moon Blue, Scarlet Red, Racer Green or Custom
Optional Italian Vegan saddle trims in Tan or Chocolate or leather saddles in Indian Pony, Burgundy Red, Tan or Classic Black


Fonzarelli vehicles come with a 24 month, 10,000 kilometre Major Component Warranty.
Estimated delivery timeframe is 1-3 weeks depending on model & specs.
All prices are inclusive of GST. All prices are exclusive of on road costs unless stated otherwise.