Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
Fliteboard ULTRA / ULTRA L (Build kit)
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Fliteboard ULTRA Black (Build Kit)

Carbon Black with Black 80cm Mast (Price starts at...)
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Imagine a watercraft that flies smoothly above the water at exhilarating speeds. It doesn't rely upon wind or waves and gives you the freedom to travel for up to 30km per charge. Imagine a watercraft so responsive that even the most subtle movements bank turns or change your flying altitude, providing endless freedom and expression. Imagine a watercraft that combines the efficiency of hydrofoil wings, with the latest in electric vehicle and battery technology – to create a fast, clean, quiet, powerful ride like nothing before it. This is Fliteboard.




For experienced riders that want to push the limits on the smallest, board available. Foot straps come standard; backflips are optional. Advanced riders can setup ''Pro Mode'' by removing the prop guard with our prop duct removal kit - this will increase responsiveness, efficiency and run time.

  • Size 4''2'' x 23"
  • Volume 54 litres



Flitecell excells
Premium quality cells, designed for high discharge combined with our world class Battery Management System keep you going. And going.

Flitecell Sport

  • 60+ min run time
  • 30Ah / 1.65KWh capacity
  • 11kg / 19.3 lbs

Flitecell Explore

  • 90+ min run time
  • 40Ah / 2.1KWh capacity.
  • 14kg / 30.6 lbs



Perfect Propulsion

Art and science
Our Unibody Fuselage design is highly awarded and on display in the design museum in Essen, Germany. But form follows function; you wont find a better ride.

Machined to perfection
Each fuselage is machined to perfection from a single block of aluminium. It's a 15 hour process. No one said creating the world's best eFoil would be easy.

60mm motor
We use the smallest diameter motor on the market for greater hydrodynamic efficiency.

Reliable gearbox
We didn''t use any gearbox - it''s Neugart, developed in Germany for Fliteboard for unmatched torque output. It''s never failed on us. So it won't fail on you.

Reinforced propeller
We use a lightweight fibre reinforced propeller for less moving mass, better safety, balance and no vibration.

Customise your eFoil propulsion system with different propellers, propeller guards, wings and shims.



Parametrically Designed Wings

Designed by experts
Developed by qualified Naval Architects with world leading hydrodynamic and aeronautical design experience.

Parametrically designed
Developed using complex computer models similar to those used by America's Cup teams.

Multi section design
Each wing utilises a number of refined sections to achieve precise performance characteristics.

Rider tested
Ridden, tested and tuned by world leading watersports professionals, sailors (and commercial Fliteschools).

Beginner to advanced
Stability for beginners, radical response for waves, streamlined efficiency for range, low drag for speed.

Carbon construction
Sophisticated construction layup and materials for strength, stiffness, durability and minimal weight.


Lead times for shipping vary

Limited quantity available, contact us for earliest available delivery.

Fliteboard AIR, Fliteboard and Fliteboard ULTRA configurations with Flitecell Explore are typically 2-4 weeks.

Fliteboard PRO configurations are typically 8-10 weeks and configurations with Flitecell Sport are 10-12 weeks.