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?Flitecell Titanium? is the strongest, most robust and advanced power solution we?ve ever offered.

  • Signature titanium plates replace the previous aluminium design making Flitecell highly resistant to any form of corrosion, while increasing impact resistance.
  • Numerous internal changes, including the addition of Phase Changing Material (PCM) provides enhanced thermal management and peace of mind.
  • Battery safety has always been our number one priority, and we?ve developed a number of proprietary safety measures including sight glass and magnetic on/off.
  • We?ve used the same premium quality 21700 cells as utilised in high power applications such as hypercars, providing incredible performance. Flitecell helps deliver speeds of up to 55kmph (34mph / 29knots).

40 AH, 2.1 KWh capacity, 52v Nominal, High Voltage 58.8v, Low-Voltage 42v, Run time up to 100 min.

Compatible with Fliteboard Series 1 and Series 2.