Feiyu Tech Mini-C Kica Massage Gun
Feiyu Tech Mini-C Kica Massage Gun
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Feiyu Tech Mini-C Kica Massage Gun

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FeiyuTech Mini-C Kica Massage Gun

The Kica Mini-C is the smallest member of the family of wireless vibrating massagers from the renowned FeiyuTech brand. The device easily fits in your pocket, so you can take it wherever your body may need relaxation and regeneration. In the set with the massager you will also find 3 silicone covers that allow you to adjust treatments to specific needs. Improve tissue blood supply and accelerate muscle regeneration. This small device can forever become your home masseur and physiotherapist who will take care of your entire body!

2 months of massaging on one charge! - You only need 2 hours to fully charge the device and for 2 months, give yourself a 10-minute massage every day! The 1300mAh battery will allow up to 10 hours of uninterrupted work.

4 levels of massage intensity - Massages of different parts of the body require different pressure. The same applies to the intended use of the treatments. Sometimes we need a bit of relaxation, other times we need to stimulate our muscles or reach deep tissue and joints. That is why the FeiyuTech Kica Mini-C massager is equipped with 4 action programs, offering different levels of vibration intensity. Thanks to this, you can precisely adjust the massage to your physical conditions, sensitivity to pressure, as well as the specific needs of the body.

Level 1 - Muscle Stimulation (1500 rpm)
Level 2 - Relaxation (2400rpm)
Level 3 - Deep Massage (3200rpm)
Level 4 - Gentle Massage (650rpm)