Feiyu Tech Kica K2 Mini Massage Gun (Green)
Feiyu Tech Kica K2 Mini Massage Gun (Green)
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Feiyu Tech Kica K2 Mini Massage Gun (Green)

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FeiyuTech KICA K2?Mini is yet another incredible addition to FeiyuTech?s extensive family of high-quality product. KICA K2 Mini is a handheld electric body massager which offers four excellent massaging modes.

FeiyuTech KICA K2 mini, thanks to its size is a portable gun massager. The users can carry it anywhere, be it a sporting arena or gym. The KICA K2 mini electronic massager has four excellent massaging modes. The most noteworthy is the ?Physical Therapy mode.? a variable massaging more.

The remaining three modes include;?Muscle Awaken Mode?in which KICA K2 mini performs?1200?vibrations per minute. ?Fascia Relax Mode?offers?2000?vibrations per minute. Additionally, ?the intense?Deep Massage Mode?offers up to?3200?vibrations per minute.

It?s a smart electronic massager. In other words, It has an AI algorithm that adjusts the speed of the massager automatically to the suitable mode or gear. Additionally, It also has a smart power-saving feature.

FeiyuTech KICA K2 electric gun massager has a massive 1300 mAh battery. In other words, It can last for 8 hours.

5 Massage Heads:

  • Silicone U-Shaped Head - For neck and achilles tendon
  • Small Pointed Head - For deep tissue such as meridians, joints and acupoints
  • Silicone Round Head - For bigger muscle groups and whole body
  • Magnetic Tipped Head - For major muscle groups on the back
  • Gentle Silicone Brush Head -? Promotes the body's absorption of essential oils