Feiyu Tech Kica 3 Massage Gun (Grey)
Feiyu Tech Kica 3 Massage Gun (Grey)
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Feiyu Tech Kica 3 Massage Gun (Grey)

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FeiyuTech Kica 3 Massage Gun - Grey

Original Double Head Design - Exclusive patented dual massage head design with intelligent algorithm control, go percussion massage effectively deep into the inner muscle fascia tissue, bring unprecedented relaxation.

Powerful Movement, Power Guarantee - High-power brushless motor guarantees super power output, stroke up to 10mm, can output 130N instantaneous strike force, effectively defeating lactic acid.

All Metal Body, Spectacular & Easy to Hold - Aviation aluminium with fine frosting craft, create exquisite appearance and comfortable holding.

Super Impacting, Deep Relaxing - The maximum speed gets to 2600R, 5200 high frequency vibrations per minute, can bring up to a 13kg impact force.

Multi-Level Suspension Shock Absorption - Silicone three-point suspension installation, effectively reduces motor vibration and noise The maximum speed sound is lower than 60dB.

Long Battery Life, Long-Lasting Usage - Adopt sensor-driven motor energy-saving technology deliver 20 hours of battery life under first gear vibration mode for one month, based on 20 minutes of usage a day.

Multiple Massage Heads - Tailored three massage heads for your body, taking care of every muscle group.