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Cosmo Moto Smart Helmet Accessory Smart Light

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More Safety on the Road

Cosmo offer some of the safest rear lights available, The Cosmo Moto is made for motorcycle riders. The Cosmo Moto mounts to the back of your full-face motorcycle helmet, providing you with an additional red rear light at the eye level of other road users. The light features a constant Position Light function which is always visible. In Brake Light mode, an accelerometer detects when you slow down, increasing the brightness of the light to alert traffic behind you.

The Smart Light

The Cosmo Moto also provides assistance in the unfortunate case of an accident. In-built accelerometers and gyroscopes within the light detects if you crash. By connecting your Cosmo Moto to the Cosmo app on your phone and subscribing to the service, you can set emergency contacts to be contacted automatically if the light detects you?ve had an accident.

Location Sharing

For additional safety, the geolocation system within the Cosmo app can be used to share your journey and location with your emergency contacts.

Secure Mounting

The Cosmo Moto can be mounted easily to most motorcycle helmets using the adhesive magnetic strip included. Two neodymium magnets keep the light secured safely to your helmet.

? Intended for motorcycle applications
? Brake light (uses inbuilt sensors to detect deceleration)
? Warning light
? Position light (continuous ignition of intermediate intensity)
? Fall detection + alert of family and friends (subscription required)


? 900mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (built to last 8 hours, may vary depending on the use)
? Max voltage: 4.2V
? Cut-off voltage: 3.5V
? 50% battery capacity voltage: 3.77V
? Charging time: 2h 40mins
? 24 red LED locations around the perimeter of the light
? Charges via micro-USB cable (included)
? USB Micro-B port